IPL 2023 Schedule: Complete Time Table, Fixtures, Venues and Team-wise Captains

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most-watched and most-anticipated cricket leagues in the world. It’s the perfect mix of cricket, entertainment, and glitz, and it has millions of fans all over the world. The IPL has been a significant source of entertainment for cricket fans, and every year, it brings something new and exciting to the table. As the world is slowly getting back to normalcy after the pandemic, the IPL fever is also back. The schedule for the IPL 2023 has been released, and fans are eagerly waiting for the matches to begin. In this article, we will discuss the IPL schedule 2023 and everything you need to know about it.

2023 IPLSchedule: The Complete Schedule

The IPL 2023 match schedule is finally out, and it promises to be an exciting season. The season will kick off on March 31, 2023, with the opening match being played between the defending champions, the Chennai Super Kings, and the Royal Challengers Bangalore. There will be 60 games in the tournament, and the last game will be played on May 28, 2023.

The teams will be divided into two groups, and each team will play a total of 14 matches, with seven matches being played at home and seven matches being played away. The top four teams from each group will move on to the playoffs. The playoffs will have four games: two “eliminators,” one “qualifier,” and the final.

IPL 2023 Schedule Date

125-Mar-2023 (Sunday)7:30 PMKKR vs CSK
226-Mar-20237:30 PMMI vs DC
326-Mar-20237:30 PMRCB vs PBKS
427-Mar-20237:30 PMLSG vs GT
528-Mar-20237:30 PMRR vs SRH
629-Mar-20237:30 PMKKR vs RCB 
730-Mar-20237:30 PMCSK vs LSG
831-Mar-20237:30 PMPBKS vs KKR
901-Apr-20237:30 PMRR vs MI
1001-Apr-20237:30 PMDC vs GT
1102-Apr-20237:30 PMPBKS vs CSK
1203-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs SRH
1304-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs RR
1405-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs KKR
1506-Apr-20237:30 PMDC vs LSG
1607-Apr-20237:30 PMPBKS vs GT
1708-Apr-20237:30 PMSRH vs CSK
1808-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs RCB
1909-Apr-20237:30 PMDC vs KKR
2009-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs RR
2110-Apr-20237:30 PMGT vs SRH
2211-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs CSK
2312-Apr-20237:30 PMPBKS vs MI
2413-Apr-20237:30 PMGT vs RR
2514-Apr-20237:30 PMKKR vs SRH
2615-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs MI
2715-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs DC
2816-Apr-20237:30 PMSRH vs PBKH
2916-Apr-20237:30 PMCSK vs GT
3017-Apr-20237:30 PMKKR vs RR
3118-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs LSG
3219-Apr-20237:30 PMPBKS vs DC
3320-Apr-20237:30 PMCSK vs MI
3421-Apr-20237:30 PMRR vs DC
3522-Apr-20237:30 PMGJ vs KKR
3622-Apr-20237:30 PMSRH vs RCB
3723-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs LSG
3824-Apr-20237:30 PMCSK vs PBKS
3925-Apr-20237:30 PMRR vs RCB
4026-Apr-20237:30 PMSRH vs GT
4127-Apr-20237:30 PMKKR vs GT
4228-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs PBKS
4329-Apr-2302 7:30 PMRCB vs GT
4429-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs RR
4530-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs DC 
4630-Apr-20237:30 PMCSK vs SRH
4701-May-20237:30 PMRR vs KKR
4802-May-20237:30 PMPBKS vs GT
4903-May-20237:30 PMCSK vs RCB
5004-May-20237:30 PMSRH vs DC
5105-May-20237:30 PMMI vs GT
5206-May-20237:30 PMRR vs PBKS
5306-May-20237:30 PMKKR vs LSGF
5407-May-20237:30 PMRCB vs SRH
5507-May-20237:30 PMDC vs CSK
5608-May-20237:30 PMKKR vs MI
5709-May-20237:30 PMGT vs LSG
5810-May-20237:30 PMDC vs RR
5911-May-20237:30 PMMI vs CSK
6012-May-20237:30 PMPBKS vs RCB
6113-May-20237:30 PMSRH vs KKR
6214-May-20237:30 PMGT vs CSK
6314-May-20237:30 PMRR vs LSG
6415-May-20237:30 PMDC vs PBKS 
6516-May-20237:30 PMSRH vs MI
6617-May-20237:30 PMLSG vs KKR
6718-May-20237:30 PMGT vs RCB
6819-May-20237:30 PMCSK vs RR
6920-May-20237:30 PMDC vs MI
7021-May-20237:30 PMPBKS vs SRH
7428-May-2023 (Sunday)7:30 PMFINAL

IPL auction 2023 schedule

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most popular and highly-anticipated cricket tournaments in the world. It is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India, which is contested annually by eight teams representing different Indian cities. Each team is composed of top international and Indian cricketers, and the tournament attracts a huge following of cricket fans from around the world.

One of the key events in the lead-up to each season of the IPL is the auction, where team owners bid for players to add to their squads. The IPL auction is a highly anticipated event, as it provides an opportunity for teams to strengthen their lineups with top talent from around the world.

While the exact date for the IPL auction in 2023 has not been announced yet, it is expected to take place in the months leading up to the tournament. Typically, the IPL Auction 2023 Schedule takes place in December or January, a few months before the start of the tournament, which usually begins in March or April.

The IPL auction is a big deal for teams trying to put together the best team possible for the next season. Fans of the tournament will be eagerly awaiting the announcement of the IPL auction date, which will mark the start of the countdown to the next exciting season of the IPL.

IPL 2023 Schedule Cricbuzz 

IPL 2023 Schedule Players List -RCB

PlayerRoleAuction PriceNation
Virat KohliBatsmanINR 15 CR(R)India
Suyash PrabhudesaiBatsmanINR 30 Lakhs(R)India
Faf du Plessis(C)BatsmanINR 7 crores(R)South Africa
Rajat PatidarBatsmanINR 20 Lakhs(R)India
Anuj Rawat (wk)WK-BatsmanINR 3.40 crore(R)India
Finn Allen (wk)WK-BatsmanINR 80 Lakhs(R)New Zealand
Dinesh Karthik (wk)WK-BatsmanINR 5.50 crores(R)India
Mohammed SirajBowlerINR 7 CR(R)India
Karn SharmaBowlerINR 50 Lakhs(R)India
Siddarth KaulBowlerINR 75 Lakhs(R)India
Josh HazlewoodBowlerINR 7.75 crores(R)Australia
Harshal PatelBowlerINR 10.75 crores(R)India
Akash DeepBowlerINR 20 Lakhs(R)India
Glenn MaxwellAll-rounderINR 11 CR(R)Australia
David WilleyAll-rounderINR 2 crores(R)England
Mahipal LomrorAll-rounderINR 95 Lakhs(R)India
Shahbaz AhmedAll-rounderINR 2.40 crores(R)India
Wanindu HasarangaAll-rounderINR 10.75 crores(R)Sri Lanka
Reece TopleyBowlerINR 1.90 croresEngland
Will JacksAll RounderINR 3.20 croresEngland
Himanshu SharmaBowlerINR 20 LakhsIndia
Manoj BhandageAll RounderINR 20 LakhsIndia
Rajan KumarBowlerINR 70 LakhsIndia
Avinash SinghBowlerINR 60 LakhsIndia
R Sonu YadavAll RounderINR 20 LakhsIndia

IPL 2023 Schedule Players List  – KKR 

PlayerRoleAuction PriceNation
Shreyas IyerBatsmanINR 12.25 Crores(R)India
Nitish RanaBatsmanINR 8 crores(R)India
Rinku SinghBatsmanINR 55 Lakhs(R)India
Varun ChakravartyBowlersINR 8 Cr(R)India
Tim SoutheeBowlersINR 1.5 crores(R)New Zealand
Umesh YadavBowlersINR 2 crores(R)India
Andre RussellAll-rounderINR 12 Cr(R)West Indies
Venkatesh IyerAll-rounderINR 8 Cr(R)India
Sunil NarineAll-rounderINR 6 Cr(R)West Indies
Anukul RoyAll-rounderINR 20 Lakhs(R)India
Shardul ThakurBowlerTraded from DCIndia
Lockie FergusonBowlerTraded from GTNew Zealand
Rahmanullah GurbazWK-BatsmanTraded from DCAfghanistan
Harshit RanaBowlerINR 20 Lakhs(R)India
N. JagadeesanWK-BatsmanINR 90 lakhIndia
Vaibhav AroraBowlerINR 60 lakhIndia
Suyash SharmaBowlerINR 20 lakhIndia
David WieseAll-rounderINR 1 croreNamibia
Kulwant KhejroliyaBowlerINR 20 lakhIndia
Liton DasWK-BatsmanINR 50 lakhBangladesh
Mandeep SinghBatsmanINR 50 lakhIndia
Shakib Al HasanAll-rounderINR 1.5 croreBangladesh

IPL 2023 Schedule Players List – LSG 

PlayerRoleAuction PriceNation
Manan VohraBatsmanINR 20 Lakhs(R)India
KL Rahul (c wk)WK-BatsmanINR 17 Crores(R)India
Quinton de Kock (wk)WK-BatsmanINR 6.75 Crores(R)South Africa
Ravi BishnoiBowlerINR 4 Crores(R)India
Mohsin KhanBowlerINR 20 Lakhs(R)India
Mayank YadavBowlerINR 20 Lakhs(R)India
Avesh KhanBowlerINR 10 Crores(R)India
Marcus StoinisAll-rounderINR 9.2 Crores(R)Australia
Kyle MayersAll-rounderINR 50 Lakhs(R)West Indies
Karan SharmaAll-rounderINR 20 Lakhs(R)India
K GowthamAll-rounderINR 90 Lakhs(R)India
Ayush BadoniAll-rounderINR 20 Lakhs(R)India
Deepak HoodaAll-rounderINR 5.75 Crores(R)India
Krunal PandyaAll-rounderINR 8.25 Crores(R)India
Nicholas PooranWK-BatsmanINR 16 croreWest Indies
Jaydev UnadkatBowlerINR 50 lakhIndia
Yash ThakurBowlerINR 45 lakhIndia
Romario ShepherdAll-rounderINR 50 lakhWest Indies
Daniel SamsAll-rounderINR 75 lakhAustralia
Amit MishraBowlerINR 50 lakhIndia
Prerak MankadAll-rounderINR 20 lakhIndia
Swapnil SinghAll-rounderINR 20 lakhIndia
Naveen-ul-HaqBowlerINR 50 lakhAfghanistan
Yudhvir CharakAll-rounderINR 20 lakhIndia

IPL 2023 Schedule Players List – CSK

PlayerRoleAuction PriceNation
MS Dhoni (wk)WK-BatsmanINR 12 Cr(R)India
Ruturaj GaikwadBatsmanINR 6 Cr(R)India
Ambati Rayudu (wk)WK- BatsmanINR 6.75 crores(R)India
Devon ConwayBatsmanINR 1 crores(R)New Zealand
Subhranshu SenapatiBatsmanINR 20 Lakhs(R)India
Deepak ChaharBowlerINR 14 crores(R)India
Tushar DeshpandeBowlerINR 20 Lakhs(R)India
Mahesh TheekshanaBowlerINR 70 Lakhs(R)Sri Lanka
Simranjeet SinghBowlerINR 20 Lakhs(R)India
Matheesha PathiranaBowlerINR 20 Lakhs(R)Sri Lanka
Mukesh ChoudharyBowlerINR 20 Lakhs(R)India
Prashant SolankiBowlerINR 1.20 crores(R)India
Mitchell SantnerBowlerINR 1.90 crores(R)New Zealand
Rajvardhan Hangar SikarBowlerINR 1.50 crores(R)India
Ravindra Jadeja(C)All-rounderINR 16 Cr(R)India
Moeen AliAll-rounderINR 8 Cr(R)England
Shivam DubeAll-rounderINR 4 crores(R)India
Dwaine PretoriusAll-rounderINR 50 Lakhs(R)South Africa
Ben StokesAll-rounderINR 16.25 CroresEngland
A RahaneBatsmanINR 50 LakhsIndia
Kyle JamiesonBowlerINR 1 croreNew Zealand
Nishant SindhuAll-rounderINR 20 LakhsIndia
Shaikh RasheedBatsmanINR 20 LakhsIndia
Ajay MandalBowlerINR 20 LakhsIndia
Bhagath VermaAll-rounderINR 20 LakhsIndia

IPL 2023 Schedule Players List – DC 

PlayerRoleAuction PriceNation
Rishabh Pant (wk)WT-BatsmanINR 16 Cr(R)India
Prithvi ShawBatsmanINR 7.50Cr(R)India
David Warner(C)BatsmanINR 6.25 Crores(R)Australia
Sarfaraz KhanBatsmanINR 20 Lakhs(R)India
Yash DhullBatsmanINR 50 Lakhs(R)India
Rovman PowellBatsmanINR 2.80 crores(R)West Indies
Anrich NortjeBowlerINR 6.50 Cr(R)South Africa
Kamlesh NagarkotiBowlerINR 1.10 crores(R)India
Mustafizur RahmanBowlerINR 2 crores(R)Bangladesh
Lungi NgidiBowlerINR 50 Lakhs(R)South Africa
Khaleel AhmedBowlerINR 5.25 crores(R)India
Chetan SakariyaBowlerINR 4.20 crores(R)India
Praveen DubeyBowlerINR 50 Lakhs(R)India
Kuldeep YadavBowlerINR 2 crores(R)India
Axar Patel(vc)All-rounderINR 9 crores(R)India
Mitchell MarshAll-rounderINR 6.50 Crores(R)Australia
Lalit YadavAll-rounderINR 65 Lakhs(R)India
Ripal PatelAll-rounderINR 20 Lakhs(R)India
Vicky OstwalAll-rounderINR 20 Lakhs)India
Aman KhanAll RounderTraded from KKRIndia
Ishant SharmaBowlerINR 50 lakhIndia
Phil SaltWT-BatsmanINR 2 croresEngland
Mukesh KumarBowlerINR 5.5 croresIndia
Manish PandeyBatsmanINR 2.4 croresIndia
Rilee RossouwBatsmanINR 4.6 croresSouth Africa

IPL 2023 Schedule Players List -MI

Player NameCountryRoleAuction Price
Rohit Sharma (c)IndiaBatsmanRs. 16 Cr(R)
Suryakumar YadavIndiaBatsmanRs. 8 Cr(R)
Tilak VarmaIndiaBatsmanRs. 1.70 Cr(R)
Ramandeep SinghIndiaBatsmanRs. 20 Lakhs(R)
Dewald BrevisIndiaBatsmanRs. 3 crores(R)
Ishan Kishan (wk)IndiaWK-BatsmanRs. 15.25 crores(R)
Jasprit BumrahIndiaBowlerRs. 12 Cr(R)
Kumar Kartikeya SinghIndiaBowlerRs. 20 Lakhs(R)
Jofra ArcherEnglandBowlerRs. 8 crores(R)
Hrithik ShokeenIndiaAll-rounderRs. 20 Lakhs(R)
Arjun TendulkarIndiaAll-rounderRs. 30 Lakhs(R)
Tim DavidSingaporeAll-rounderRs. 8.25 Crores(R)
Tristan StubbsSouth AfricaWK-BatsmanRs. 20 lakhs(R)
Arshad KhanIndiaAll-rounderRs. 20 lakhs(R)
Akash MadhwalIndiaBowlerRs. 20 lakhs(R)
Jason BehrendorffAustraliaBowlerTraded from RCB
Cameron GreenAustraliaAl-rounderRs. 17.50 Crores
Jhye RichardsonAustraliaBowlerRs. 1.5 Crores
Piyush ChawlaIndiaBowlerRs. 50 Lakh
Duan JansenSouth AfricaBowlerRs. 20 Lakh
Vishnu VinodIndiaWicket-keeperRs. 20 Lakh
Shams MulaniIndiaAll-rounderRs. 20 Lakh
Nehal WadheraIndiaBatterRs. 20 Lakh
Raghav GoyalIndiaBatterRs. 20 Lakh

IPL 2023 Schedule Players List -RR

Player NameCountryRoleAuction Price
Yashasvi JaiswalIndiaBatsmanRs. 4 Crores(R)
Devdutt PadikkalIndiaBatsmanRs. 7.75 Crores(R)
Shimron HetmyerWest IndiesBatsmanRs. 8.50 Crores(R)
Sanju Samson (c&wk)IndiaWK-BatsmanRs. 14 Cr(R)
Jos Buttler (wk)EnglandWK-BatsmanRs. 10 Cr(R)
Dhruv Jurel (wk)IndiaWK-BatsmanRs. 20 Lakhs(R)
Kuldip YadavIndiaBowlerRs. 20 Lakhs(R)
Navdeep SainiIndiaBowlerRs. 2.60 Crores(R)
Kuldeep SenIndiaBowlerRs. 20 Lakhs(R)
Obed McCoyWest IndiesBowlerRs. 75 Lakhs(R)
KC KariappaIndiaBowlerRs. 30 Lakhs(R)
Yuzvendra ChahalIndiaBowlerRs. 6.50 Crores(R)
Prasidh KrishnaIndiaBowlerRs. 10 Crores(R)
Trent BoultNew ZealandBowlerRs. 8 Crores(R)
Riyan ParagIndiaAll-rounderRs. 3.80 Crores(R)
Ravichandran AshwinIndiaAll-rounderRs. 5 Crores(R)
Jason HolderWest IndiesAll-rounderRs. 5.75 Crores
Kunal RathoreIndiaBatsmanRs. 20 lakhs
Donovan FereiraSouth AfricaBatsmanRs. 50 lakhs
Adam ZampaAustraliaSpinnerRs. 1.5 crores
KM AsifIndiaFast BowlerRs. 20 lakhs
Murugan AshwinIndiaSpinnerRs. 30 lakkhs
Akash VashishtIndiaAll rounderRs. 20 Lakhs
Abdul PAIndiaBatsmanRs. 20 Lakhs
Joe RootEnglandBatsmanRs. 1 Crore

IPL 2023 Schedule Players List – PBKS 

Arshdeep SinghBowler4 Crore
Shikhar DhawanBatsman8.25 crore
Kagiso RabadaBowler9.25 crore
Jonny BairstowBatsman/Wicket-keeper6.75 crore
Shahrukh KhanAll-Rounder9 crore
Harpreet BrarBatsman3.8 crore
Prabhsimran SinghBatsman/Wicket-keeper60 lakh
Jitesh SharmaBatsman/Wicket-keeper20 lakh
Rahul ChaharBowler5.25 crore
Liam LivingstoneAll-Rounder11.5 crore
Raj BawaBatsman2 crore
Rishi DhawanAll-Rounder55 lakh
Baltej DhandaAll-Rounder20 lakh
Nathan EllisBowler75 lakh
Atharva TaideAll-Rounder20 lakh
Bhanuka RajapaksaBatsman50 lakh
Sam CurranAll-Rounder18.5 crore
Sikandar RazaAll-Rounder50 lakh
Harpreet BhatiaBatsman40 lakh
Vidwath KaverappaBowler20 lakh
Mohit RatheAll-Rounder20 lakh
Shivam SinghAll-Rounder20 lakh

IPL 2023 Schedule Players List – GT

Player NameCountryRoleAuction Price
Shubman GillIndiaBatsmanRs. 8 Crores(R)
Sai SudarshanIndiaBatsmanRs. 20 Lakhs(R)
Abhinav SadaranganiIndiaBatsmanRs. 2.60 Crores(R)
David MillerSouth AfricaBatsmanRs. 3 crores(R)
Matthew Wade (wk)AustraliaWK-BatsmanRs. 2.40 Crores(R)
Wriddhiman Saha (wk)IndiaWK-BatsmanRs. 1.90 Crores(R)
Rashid KhanAfghanistanBowlerRs. 15 Crores(R)
Darshan NalkandeIndiaBowlerRs. 20 Lakhs(R)
Yash DayalIndiaBowlerRs. 3.20 Crores(R)
Pradeep SangwanIndiaBowlerRs. 20 Lakhs(R)
Alzarri JosephWest IndiesBowlerRs. 2.40 Crores(R)
R Sai KishoreIndiaBowlerRs. 3 Crores(R)
Noor AhmadAfghanistanBowlerRs. 30 Lakhs(R)
Mohammed ShamiIndiaBowlerRs. 6.25 Crores(R)
Hardik PandyaIndiaAll-rounderRs. 15 Crores(R)
Vijay ShankarIndiaAll-rounderRs. 1.40 Crores(R)
Jayant YadavIndiaAll-rounderRs. 1.70 Crores(R)
Rahul TewatiaIndiaAll-rounderRs. 9 Crores(R)
Kane WilliamsonNew ZealandBattersRs. 2 Crores (R)
Odean SmithWest IndiesAll-rounderRs. 50 lakh
KS BharatIndiaWicketkeeperRs. 1.2 Crores
Shivam MaviIndiaBowlerRs. 6 crore
Urvil PatelIndiaBatterRs. 20 Lakh
Josh LittleIrelandBowlerRs. 4.4 crore
Mohit SharmaIndiaBowlerRs. 50 Lakh

IPL 2023 Schedule Players List – SRH

Abdul SamadBatsman4 Crore
Umran MalikBowler4 Crore
Washington SundarAll-Rounder8.75 crore
Rahul TripathiBatsman8.5 crore
Abhishek SharmaAll-Rounder6.5 crore
Kartik TyagiBowler4 crore
T NatarajanBowler4 crore
Bhuvneshwar KumarBowler4.2 crore
Aiden MarkramBatsman2.6 crore
Marco JansenBowler4.2 crore
Glenn PhillipsBatsman/Wicket-keeper1.5 crore
Fazalhaq FarooqiBowler50 lakh
Harry BrookBatsman13.25 crore
Mayank AgarwalBatsman8.25 crore
Heinrich KlaasenWicket-keeper5.25 crore
Adil RashidBowler2 crore
Mayank MarkandeBowler50 lakh
Vivrant SharmaAll-Rounder2.6 crore
Samarth VyasAll-Rounder20 lakh
Sanvir SinghAll-Rounder20 lakh
Upendra Singh YadavWicket-keeper25 lakh
Mayank DagarBowler1.8 crore
Nitish Kumar ReddyAll-Rounder20 lakh
Akeal HoseinBowler1 crore
Anmolpreet SinghBatsman20 lakh

The IPL 2023 season promises to be an exciting and highly competitive tournament, where some of the world’s top cricketers will showcase their skills on the biggest stage. With 10 teams participating, fans can look forward to a plethora of thrilling matches, intense rivalries and nail-biting finishes. As the countdown to IPL 2023 begins, cricket fans are eagerly waiting to watch the game and can’t wait to witness the cricketing stunner.

Recent Post

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know about the IPL 2023

What is the IPL 2023 schedule?

The complete IPL 2023 schedule is yet to be announced by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). However, it is expected to follow a similar format as previous IPL seasons, with each team playing a total of 14 matches in the league stage.

Where will the IPL 2023 matches be played?

The IPL 2023 matches will be played in various stadiums across India. The exact venues for each match will be announced in the IPL 2023 schedule.

When will the IPL 2023 schedule be announced?

The IPL 2023 schedule is expected to be announced a few weeks before the start of the tournament. However, the exact date for the announcement has not been confirmed yet.

 When does the IPL 2023 season start?

The exact date for the start of the IPL 2023 season is yet to be announced. However, it is expected to begin in the month of April 2023.

How many teams will participate in IPL 2023?

There will be a total of 10 teams participating in IPL 2023.

Who are the team captains for IPL 2023?

1. The team captains for IPL 2023 are as follows:
2. Chennai Super Kings – MS Dhoni
3. Delhi Capitals – Rishabh Pant
4. Kings XI Punjab – KL Rahul
5. Kolkata Knight Riders – Eoin Morgan
6. Mumbai Indians – Rohit Sharma
7. Rajasthan Royals – Sanju Samson
8. Royal Challengers Bangalore – Virat Kohli
9. Sunrisers Hyderabad – Kane Williamson
10. Lucknow Super Giants – Shreyas Iyer

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